Saturday, June 7, 2008

Easter Pictures!

It wears me out being so cute!!
This is a lot of what went on during pictures she was tired and not in the smiley mood:)

I love her chubby little hands!!!

It's been Awhile!!

We have been so busy lately, Kate is getting so big and always on the go, it is a full time job keeping up with her!! Her favorite new activity is climbing up the stairs, (at times without us knowing! luckily we have not had any falls!) She is also getting the two top teeth, the ones between the very front ones and the K9's! Teething has not been fun for any of us! Here are some pictures of Kate from the last few months!

Yummy MESSY cookies!!! and sitting in an empty pool at a family BBQ (she is playing with a spoon)

Kate likes to be comfy, she is using her puppy as a pillow!

Kate & Macey

Kate LOVES Macey we always have to tell her to be soft because she pinches so hard!