Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Its a Christmas miracle!

So I buckled down and updated the blog!!!! to make up for the last 4 months of non blogging, i made up for it and posted things clear from October so it is like I was on top of it the whole time so make sure you look all the way back!!!

Kates new face

Em spent the night with us this week and taught Kate this lovely face, apparently she gets a good reaction from it because today when she saw the camera, it was the first thing she did!

She is a stinker!

Sledding was a hit!

Christian and Em, sledding with Kate!! she loved it she even sat at the top of the hill without the sled and tried to go down on her bum! It was freezing but she didnt seem to care, I however did so we did not sled as long as she would have liked!

Christmas recap

Christmas was fun, we were busy with family parties and planning the ward party! We had a family party at Jumpin Jacks in springville, they had huge blow up slides and Kate loved them all I did not have the energy to keep taking her up and down them!! she will be a good roller coaster buddy for her Dad!! We also were able to do a service project with Christians family it was good to serve. We went to the Grand America in Salt Lake with my Mom and Rods family, we went to pioneer village it was so fun!!! then we opted to go swimming instead of the zoo lights at hogle zoo because we were a bit chilly! we swam ate and played games and opened Christmas Jammies. Christmas Eve it was out to dinner with the Allens and then more food (rods home made clam chowder! YUM) and movies at the Clarks. We got home and had our own little Christmas gift exchange and off to bed. Thanks for the Wii Chris! Then early morning back to the Clarks for gifts. My mom gave us some really nice dishware and some clothes and kate got lots of puppies some stuffed animals some in toy form. She LOVES LOVES LOVES puppies!!! also some clothes and a cute book. THEN, off to the Allens for more food (can we say diet for the next few months!!) The holiday ended with like 5 straight nights of playing games with our families and movies it was fun!!! I am still confused on what day it is!!!! WE had such a good holiday with family! we did not get out cards this year, perhaps next year!

Christmas Fun

so kate found her christmas present in the closet when I left the door open, she is so mad that she can't open it! If I can't hide a present from a one year old, I am in trouble! Thrilled to have her stroller! Chrismas morning
Equally thrilled to have Dads i pod, she already knows how it works!

Nothing too dramatic with Santa she was looking at him like who the heck are you!

Temple Square

As you know, Kate is to big for strollers!!! She was much happier walking holding Nanas hand (I don't know about you but that does not look like a Gma!!)
Here is my Mom and Rod and his kids Tyler, Garrett, and Gabe

All bundled up!

She had been quite for a minute and when I found her she was fast asleep on the couch she loves sleeping on her tummy with her bum in the air!
eating a baby ice cream at Grandma Allens with Bridger (her cousin)

she Loves this table and chairs from my mom!

Helping around the House

Kate Loves to help around the house, here she is cleaning out the fridge, I love how she looks so guilty!
Just Kicken back after dinner!

Checking on Macey

Folding laundry

Happy Halloween!!! I know I am way behind but better late than never!!!! Halloween was fun Kate actually liked her costume and did a little trick or treating!

My Mom and Kate Halloween night, Kate the Monkey and my Mom is the lady from Indiana Jones!