Saturday, November 28, 2009


This is my Moms engagement ring, pretty awesome!!!!! (sorry my posts are so out of order!)
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Always climbing
loves to play in the kitchen at red butte gardens with Mary & Elisabeth

Happy Halloween!

Kate really got into halloween this year, we went out trick or treating around the neighborhood and then she had a blast giving out candy at our door!

This was our halloween dinner, Black spagetti with orange sauce, and a roll with red honey butter, it tasted good but not good to look at

I posted out of order and am not sure how to fix it!!!! oh well!!! Enjoy

August 31, 2005

Everyone is so small!!!!!

The Reception

The Ice sculpturethe party1

The Cake! the lady made it the wrong shape!!! But it was still pretty!

The beautiful backyard

Wedding Flashback

CONGRATS!!!!!! to my mom & Rod for getting engaged!!!! We are so happy for them & excited for this next step for both of our families. In thinking about weddings and thinking I needed to post something, I decided to post some pics of my wedding.

Thanks to my friend Brittney Bodliy Rowe for making me this awesome dress!!!!!!

August, 31 2005