Thursday, April 16, 2009

New home for Macey

We are so glad we found such a good home for our pup. With all the crazy things going on this summer, we decided that Macey was not going to work out for us, we were so sad to have to give her up, But we could not be happier about the family that she went with. They have 2 kids and another beagle, I am sure she is loving having another beagle to play with!!!! We love Macey but it is nice not having a dog and I am not sure we will be getting another one anytime soon!!!
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Blizzard in April!!!!! it was pretty but still not liked.
what could she be so happy about? she is dancing to the Spongebob DVD she loves it and will ask me throughout the day BOB BOB BOB? Hanging out in Natassia room

Gabe brought her a spongebob pillow she was so thrilled!!!

Kate loves to hang out in the kennel, Natassia calls this her Top Model pose, she looks so fierce!

This is how I find Kate now and then, kids always end up sleeping sideways especially when they are in bed in between mom & dad!!!
Kate insists that she have BOTH of her coats on the black and pink one!

Playing with Uncle Brock Playing with dad at the park, this was weeks ago, before the blizzard!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enjoy the new background!!!!

Sorry to get your hopes up!!! I am sure you saw the new background and thought perhaps I have updated!!!!! well, all that is new is the background!!!!!!! Promise more pictures coming soon!!!!