Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Christian makes his blog debut!

While Kate and I were on our way home from Moab, Christian took his little brother to Jump on it, a warehouse of trampolines, and it didn't end well! He broke his leg, tore all his ligaments and shattered his ankle in 5 places. This is an X ray of his ankle. 5 screws and 6 weeks later we are doing better I hope we can both handle another month of no walking!
My mom and I started making and selling purses and shirts. They are all custom and way fun! We did swiss days and have some home parties this fall, its been fun to be creative and do something besides housework! these are a few of our purses.

Summer Time Fun!

resting at 7 peaks with daddy and uncle Bradyn
Lagoon day!
We went swimming
Kate is a climber! She almost got to the top!
Yummy Oreos!
Hanging out in Maceys kennel. We got her to stop eating the dog food.
Sorry for all the hundreds of baby pics I can't help it! Here are some of Kates 1 Year pictures! She was so good, no cries or frowns!!